Types of Safety Signs

Safety signage for every work environment SafetyCare is your go-to provider of all forms of safety equipment and branded workwear. From strong shoes and branded uniforms to masks, gloves and eye protection, we’re always ready to fulfil your requirements for a very affordable price. What you may not realise is that we also provide a … Continued

Stay Safe When Driving in Winter

We had a particularly cold December and the worst of the winter weather may be over, but it’s important to remember that January and especially February can be very chilly months. Low temperatures, windy weather and frosty roads pose significant risks to people working outdoors, so here are some tips for staying safe this winter. … Continued

Dedicated Delivery Drivers

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have suffered from supply chain disruptions and delays in recent months, which can have an enormous effect on your output, lead generation, sales and profit margins. We’re here to put your mind at ease when ordering from SafetyCare by telling you a bit about our dedicated delivery drivers. Introducing … Continued

Back to School we GO!

Keeping Students and Teachers Safe with Back to School PPE Essentials We’re dedicated to helping people stay safe in a wide range of work environments, which includes schools, colleges, universities and training centres. We have multiple supplies that are suitable for the classroom and other learning spaces, each of which will ensure that teachers and … Continued

Workplace Health and Safety During Hot Weather

Working during hot weather comes with certain risks to health and safety. In order to protect the wellbeing of your staff, we’ve put together some top tips that are particularly important during the summer months. What are the health and safety precautions during hot weather?  Hot environments and working in the sun can have multiple … Continued

The Importance of First Aid Kits in the Workplace

Health and safety should be a top priority within every business, which is why First Aid kits are so important and should be made easily accessible throughout your workplace.Depending on the nature of your day-to-day operations and the types of work areas you have, your First Aid kit requirements will differ to those of other businesses. To … Continued

The Importance of Eye Protection

Helping businesses to ensure safety in the workplace is our top priority and eye protection is a crucial factor. It’s very easy for a worker to sustain an eye injury, so we’ve put together the key information that you need to know when it comes to choosing eye protection such as safety goggles, face shields and other equipment for … Continued

How to Ensure Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire safety should be a top priority for any business, as even the smallest fire can escalate very quickly and cause significant damage to company property, not to mention pose a very real risk of loss of life.To help your business maximise its safety procedures, we provide a wide variety of high-quality and affordable fire protection equipment … Continued

Workplace Noise and the Importance of Ear Protection

The importance of protecting your employees from workplace noise should never be underestimated. The same goes for choosing the right kind of ear protection, as there are different types of safety products that protect hearing from being impaired by loud environments. From comfortable and effective ear defenders to a wide range of powerful ear plugs, this … Continued

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