How does the online portal work?

Our online portal offers 24-hour access and allows you to order from either the full catalogue or a selected core range of products. This range is agreed with your customer relationship manager and approved by your company, making it a truly tailored solution for the ordering of workwear.

Trade Account Features

When you use this clever system, you can also view your product usage and categorise by delivery address. These intelligence reports show your full order history and usage levels in detail, giving a crystal clear overview of the specific products used by your business and the quantities you require.

By knowing exactly which types of products you need, we can ensure adequate stock holding. This means unparalleled order fulfilment and fast delivery, as we’re ready to supply your core items whenever you’re running low or taking on new staff.

As mentioned, the portal can be set up to show our full catalogue or a restricted range of items specific to your company’s requirements. Either way, each product listing includes images and useful information so that you can get a feel for what you’re ordering and eliminate mistakes. Meanwhile, the product names and codes are fully accessible and controlled, removing the risk of you receiving incorrect items when equipping your staff with safety equipment, branded workwear and embroidered uniforms. You can also add notes to your orders and check their status at any time.

Our new online portal can be used in unison with ManPack. This popular service involves our team distributing your items in separate packages so that each of your employees receives their own items in one go at any address. In doing so, you don’t have to sort through large consignments of safety equipment and distribute it across your premises, as we’ve done all of the hard work for you. ManPack can also be applied to branded workwear and embroidered uniforms, so each of your workers receives a package that contains everything they need in record time.

SafetyCare is committed to helping customers to cut down costs, so our trade portal includes special net prices to give your company better value. You also have the option to enable an authorisation system on the portal to control your spending. The result is complete authority over who orders new stock and when, which will keep your cash flow, budgeting and financial forecasting strong.

How To Open An Account

If you’re interested in signing up for SafetyCare trade account, and gain access to your own custom order portal, please fill this form

Our credit account trading terms

Our trading terms are as follows and the following criteria must be met to open an account with us:

  • Customer has previously spent €3,000 net, via cash on delivery transactions, within a 12-month period and had a satisfactory credit check returned
  • Customer has spent €1,500 net, via cash on delivery transactions within a 12-month period and agree to the SEPA Direct Debit payment option and had a satisfactory credit check returned

SEPA Direct Debits Explained

SEPA DD allows you to automatically settle your bill with us – without liftinga finger.

  • It’s convenient – No more time spent writing and posting cheques.
  • It saves your time- No more keying up payments online
  • It’s simpler – Never miss an invoice or bill

How it works:

  1. We’ll send you an email detailing the outstanding invoices and the total amount that is due
  2. 5-7 days later the payment will automatically be made
  3. Payment will be taken on the last working day of the month.

You can still talk to us if you have a question or a query about your bill – we will never take the money whilst there is an outstanding query.

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