Huskee | Created To Endure

The Huskee Story

In 2016 SafetyCare felt the need to establish and “own brand” or “identity” to its workwear and PPE products. They realised that it would be a journey but the first thing they felt that a name for the brand was necessary to start the journey and take the project forward.

Some initial thoughts were discussed which we felt the brand name would have to reflect as follows

  1. Products that were durable and would survive in adverse conditions
  2. A name that would embrace both clothing, footwear and other PPE products
  3. The name would reflect the ethos of the company as “Team Players”

The name Huskee was proposed, and a strap line added “Created to Endure”

 Our reasons for this name were:

  1. The Husky dog can endure and survive in adverse weather conditions.
  2. In comparison with other dogs, they are extremely friendly and loyal.

They work most successfully as a team especially when pulling sleds together.

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