Base Protection is a company Made in Italy with more than ten years creating and designing comfortable and designer safety footwear. Not for nothing, the fundamental principle on which the company is based is the perfect reconciliation between design, technology and performance. Base Protection puts itself at the total service of the workers and what makes their shoes unique is the objective beauty that, at the same time, hides constant study and advanced research. What we want to say is that behind each model is the careful work of engineers and designers, who together manage to design a shoe capable of responding to the technical and aesthetic needs of customers, anticipating the needs of workers. The safety shoes manufactured by this company are famous worldwide for being resistant, breathable, lightweight and flexible and, above all… because they have been designed to the smallest detail, so much so that, on a visual level, they do not seem to be typical classic protections of a work shoe, such as the toe, for example.

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