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How to Choose Waterproof and Warm Jackets for Your Employees

SafetyCare supplies the highest quality of warm and waterproof jackets to a wide range of sectors. From logistics and facilities management companies to airports, construction sites, landscape gardeners and many more industries, the equipping of workers with robust, dependable and effective waterproof jackets is of the utmost importance. If you’re not sure which type of warm and waterproof jackets will best suit the needs of your employees, we’ve put together a range of benefits and suggestions to make it a smooth process.

Waterproof jackets provide protection from the elements

Employees often need to perform their duties in various weather conditions, including rain, snow and sleet. Waterproof jackets are designed to keep them dry no matter how wet their environment, preventing health issues and absenteeism.

During periods of cold weather, it’s also crucial for employees who work outdoors to stay warm and comfortable, as this will help to reduce the risk of illnesses such as hypothermia, the common cold, flu, and bronchitis. Warm jackets provide insulation and help to retain body heat, ensuring that your staff can get the job done without compromising their health. For instance, the Fristads Airtech 4410GT Winter Jacket is breathable, windproof, and protects your workers from the cold and rain.

How waterproof jackets facilitate health and safety

As mentioned above, exposure to cold and wet conditions can lead to health problems, including frostbite and fatigue. Keeping employees warm and dry helps to ensure that health and safety remains a priority at all times. In many industries, compliance with safety regulations and standards requires employers to provide suitable protective clothing, which may include waterproof and warm jackets.

Visibility is also key for employees who work outdoors during dark hours, in which case a hi-vis jacket will be required. The PW3 Extreme Breathable Rain Jacket is an excellent example, as it also includes a detachable ergonomically shaped hood and multiple pockets for secure storage.

Increase productivity with safety jackets

When employees are comfortable in their work clothing, they are more likely to stay focused and productive, even in adverse weather conditions. Being warm and dry can prevent discomfort and distractions, meaning efficiency is maximised and there are fewer weather-related work stoppages. As a result, waterproof and warm jackets can extend the work season for outdoor labour, allowing teams to continue operating during the winter months.

Employee wellbeing and comfort

Providing your employees with proper protection against the elements also demonstrates your company’s concern for their wellbeing, which can boost morale and job satisfaction. Comfort is a crucial factor here too, as resilient and comfortable workwear creates a positive work environment and makes employees feel more valued by the business.

We recommend taking a look at the Fristads 4058 Airtech Winter Jacket, which is waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable, reinforced at exposed areas, and comes with a detachable hood for extra versatility.

How to choose a waterproof jacket

Deciding which kind of waterproof jackets are right for your employees should be given the attention to detail it deserves. Not only will this ensure that your workers remain protected and comfortable, it will also prolong the lifecycle of your safety workwear due to suitability. If you’re still not sure how to choose warm and waterproof jackets for your teams, Clive Taylor, Director at SafetyCare, has this to share:

“Consider the environment your employees are working in. It may be that they just require a jacket that shields them from the rain, or perhaps they need one that’s also warm, in which case the jacket will need to be lined with insulating material.

“The length of time your workers will be in the elements is another major factor, as different jackets have different waterproof ratings. For instance, a rating of 10,000mm will suit many outdoor environments, and anything over that will provide even better waterproofing for longer.”

Here at SafetyCare, we understand that there are other aspects that need to be addressed when purchasing safety clothing, as Clive explains:

“Stain-resistant workwear is imperative for some businesses, especially the oil and fuel industries. Then there’s visibility for workers who are based on the roadside or in other dark conditions, in which case a reliable hi-vis jacket will be required. We then of course have the client’s budget, which we take very seriously. You can get a basic waterproof jacket for around €30 but this could prove to be a false economy if the wearer actually needs something more durable and effective. We’ll always offer expert guidance to ensure you choose safety clothing that will bring the maximum return on investment.”

Adhering to international standards

CE certification is another important factor when choosing warm and waterproof jackets for your employees. When a piece of safety clothing is CE certified, it shows that it has gone through rigorous testing to guarantee better quality.

Clive said: “We were approached by an airport that needed hi-vis jackets that met EN requirements. They needed to be versatile too, in that they could be turned into a lightweight jacket, which is we recommended the Hi Vis Siopor 2 Tone Anorak. This can be worn as a hi-vis bodywarmer during colder months or as an unlined rain jacket when the weather warms up.”

Our expertise benefits your business

When you choose SafetyCare, you’re investing in expert advice and exceptional customer support with every purchase. We’re passionate about helping businesses of all sizes to choose safety clothing that will keep their employees safe and confident throughout their shifts. Here’s an example from Clive:

“We regularly get requests for Gore-Tex jackets but they’re often too expensive for companies with multiple employees, which is why we recommend the Fristads range, which is just as effective. We’ve also helped property maintenance companies to kit out their workers with the right kind of workwear when carrying out pressure washing. Cheap nylon rainsuits aren’t breathable and get very stuffy, so a lightweight garment is the better option. We recommend the very breathable Fortex PU jacket.”

Streamline the ordering process with Staff Pack

Whatever type of safety clothing, uniforms, PPE and branded workwear you require for your teams, Staff Pack allows you to place orders very quickly. We package each individual employee’s items together with their name and department on the label, allowing you to simply pass it on to them without having to sort through multiple items. The benefits of our Staff Pack service include:

  • Bespoke to your company’s current requirements and changing needs
  • Upload employee information easily and at a time that suits you
  • Order for each individual employee as and when they need new workwear
  • Packages can be delivered to any address, including an employee’s home
  • Live order data tracking, plus full order history available 24/7

Order your waterproof jackets from SafetyCare

Looking for warm and waterproof jackets that will keep your employees safe, comfortable and protected from the elements? Get in touch with our team of safety specialists at or give us a call on 01 8499 100.

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