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14 reasons to choose a Mediana A10 Defibrillator


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death globally. In the Ireland alone, it claims the lives of 13 people every day, that’s 5,000 lives lost each year to SCA. However some of these lives could be saved if more people learnt CPR and how to use the First Aid equipment to hand.

SCA does not discriminate: it can happen to anyone, even young athletes. Without immediate treatment 90-95% of Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims will die. Investing in a defibrillator for your workplace will give your team a drastically increased chance of survival.

Why Should Your Business Invest?

Construction sites and heavy industry are dangerous environments with increased SCA risks including: heavy labour, electrocution, extreme weather and high stress. The increased risks mean that more protection should be offered to employees, including access to a defibrillator. Defibrillation within three minutes of an SCA will increase the chance of survival from around 5-10% to over 70%.

Your employees are your biggest asset: caring for their health and wellbeing will not only save lives but will also boost morale, staff loyalty and productivity.

14 reasons to choose a Mediana A10 Defibrillator

1.    Soft Carry Case
To protect and easily transport the AED. Clear cover to view the status indicator. Side Pockets for manual, spare pads, spare battery

2.    Status Indicator
Unit status and battery capacity

3.    Connecting Socket
Defibrillator pads connector socket

4.    Power on Button
The toggle key for turn on/off

5.    IRDA Port
IR communication port between PC and AED

6.    DC Input Port

7.    Serial Port
Exterior printer demanded

8.    SD Card Insert & USB Port
Review stored data and software upgrade

9.    Visual Icons
LED indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts. Visual Icons clarify the necessary actions

10. Speaker
Acoustic indicator for real time guidance.

11. Shock Button
Flashing button indicates ‘Ready for shock delivery.’ Push the button to deliver shock

12. Push Button
To open the cover

13. Pads
Adult pads for over 8 year olds. Paediatric pads for under 8-year-old

14. Battery
Disposable LiMnO2 (non-rechargeable)

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