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CleanAir A2B2E2K2P3 Filter

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SKU: D00721

CleanAIR Filter A2B2E2K2P3

Dimensions: diameter / height: 110 mm / 95 mm, Weight: 280 g

Areas of application:

  • organic gases
  • vapours
    with a boiling point above 65 °C 
  • inorganic gases and vapours, acid gases and vapours, ammonia and organic amines, particles

The complete production programme of CleanAIR® canister
filters offers a wide choice of filters for most industrial applications,
the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and agriculture.

The filters are supplied with a standard connection
thread RD40×1/7“ according to EN 148-1.

Combined filters Provide
protection against a combination of contaminants in the form
of gases, vapours and solid particles. EN 14387, EN 12941, EN 1294

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