What is embroidered workwear?

Embroidery is a very popular method of adding branding to protective clothing such as jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and uniforms. It involves our highly skilled teams using state-of-the-art technology to stitch a logo, name and/or business information directly into the fabric. This is done entirely in-house so that we can ensure premium quality, a professional look and long-lasting performance.

What is heat seal?

Heat seal also involves applying your logo and other branding to safety clothing and uniforms, except that it’s done by transferring the design onto the fabric using heat. This effectively seals your branding onto your clothing, ensuring that it won’t fade or peel.

Should I choose embroidery or heat seal?

It really is up to you whether you choose embroidery or heat seal for your branded workwear, as it’s very much down to preference. However, if you’d like big logos and visuals added to your employees’ workwear, we recommend choosing heat seal, as it works better for larger surfaces.Both embroidery and heat seal transfers are highly durable, making them ideal for all kinds of workwear that’s used indoors and outdoors. Available for use on a variety of cotton, polycotton, synthetic and protective closing, as well as high-vis PPE, each method brings exceptional results. However, heat seal can be applied only if the material is suitable, for example, you can’t heat seal fleeces as the surface is too woolly.

How long do heat seal and embroidery take?

We’re dedicated to both quality and speed of delivery, so you can rest assured that you will never receive anything less than the very best when you choose SafetyCare for branded workwear. The lead time will depend on the nature of the branding and the quantity of items being ordered, so our sales team will provide you with a turnaround time along with your quotation.

What workwear is suitable for heat seal and embroidery?

Heat seal and embroidery can be applied to all types of workwear, including the following:

Shirts, jackets, trousers, hoodies and sweatshirts, bodywarmers and waistcoats, polo shirts and t-shirts, baseball caps, knitted hats and beanies.

What garments can you stitch with an embroidery machine?

Generally speaking, any soft fabric that will fit under the needle of the machine. For example, shirts, hats, and jackets are examples of products that can be embroidered with ease.

What format should my artwork be?

All you need to do is fill in this quick quote form and state whether you’re interested in embroidery, heat seal or both. You can then upload your artwork as a PDF and we’ll come back to you with a competitive price. For large and regular orders, make sure to check out our order portal for corporate accounts. This speeds up the process even further by streamlining the ordering experience every time.

How do I know what my logo will look like?

Once your order has been placed, we’ll send you a visual proof that allows you to see exactly how your branded workwear will appear. This way you can let us know about any changes before your personalised clothing moves onto the production phase.

Can I have several colours on the design?

Depending on the size of the design there are a lot of colours that can be combined into one design.

I have ordered from SafetyCare before and need the same logo on a new order, do I need to send the logo again?

No, we should have the logo on our system – and we can apply it and use it again. However, you may need to tell us of the change in dimensions.

What is the maximum size logo you can embroider on a cap?

The size depends on the chosen cap and the design itself. However, it is important to understand that the design is more effective on a cap if it is a square design, not a horizontal rectangle design.

Is there an extra charge to embroider my logo?

Embroidering would be more expensive compared to the likes of heat seal; however, it is more premium than heat seal and has a much longer lasting time than heat seal and other forms of branding.

How do you know where to place the embroidery/print?

We have a standard guide as to where we place logos/prints. However, it’s important for the customer to explain where the logo/print is needed.

Can I order a sample garment prior to placing an order?

This is possible when large orders are in the pipeline. However, it is also dependent on stock levels and sizes available.

Can I return my order once my garment has been embroidered/printed?

In printing cases yes, as the print can be removed, however, this is more difficult with embroidery.

What workwear is most suited to heat-seal, and what workwear is most suited to embroidery?

Rougher, thicker workwear is most suited to embroidery ass it would hold better on the garment. Thinner workwear such as hi-vis vests would be best suited to heat-seal as the process wouldn’t ruin the garment and it would hold well on a garment of the ilk.

How many heat-seals can be done at one time?

We have a double machine, and a single machine, meaning we can be working on 3 garments at once, and each garment takes around 6-8 seconds to heat-seal.

Embroidery and Heat Seal for Professional Branded Workwear

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We’re very proud to offer an exceptional Man-Pack service, which ensures that your workers receive their exact items in clearly named packages. Simply order what you need for each employee and we’ll send their items in individual boxes either to your site, relevant departments or even to their homes.

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