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The Best Safety Shoes of 2024

If you’re looking for the best safety footwear for your employees, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of safety shoes available, all of which are designed to protect your employees against workplace hazards. These shoes provide protection against impacts, compression, punctures and slips, reducing the risk of injuries like fractures, cuts and sprains. For instance, steel toe caps shield the wearer’s toes from heavy objects, whereas slip-resistant soles prevent falls on slippery surfaces.

Why are safety shoes so important?

Beyond injury prevention, safety shoes also promote workplace compliance with safety regulations and standards. Employers are often required to provide appropriate footwear to ensure worker safety, and failure to do so can result in accidents, injuries and legal consequences.

In addition, safety shoes contribute to employee morale and productivity. When workers feel safe and comfortable, they’re more likely to focus on their tasks and work more efficiently. Comfortable shoes can also reduce fatigue and discomfort during long shifts, enhancing overall job satisfaction and performance.

Overall, safety shoes are a fundamental aspect of workplace safety, protecting workers from injuries, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering a positive work environment.

Waterproof safety boots

Industries such as construction, agriculture, forestry, maritime operations and any other roles based outdoors often require waterproof safety boots. These environments expose workers to wet conditions, whether from rain, standing water or other liquids. To protect the feet, waterproof boots create a barrier against moisture, which prevents discomfort, foot ailments and fungal infections.

Additionally, waterproof boots enhance safety by maintaining traction on slippery surfaces and reducing the risk of electrical hazards. Waterproof features ensure that workers can perform their tasks efficiently and safely, even in challenging weather conditions, making them essential in industries where exposure to water is common.

Lightweight safety boots

We then have lightweight safety boots, which are very popular in industries such as logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and construction. These sectors often involve prolonged standing, walking and lifting, with heavy footwear leading to fatigue and discomfort. Lightweight safety boots offer far greater agility and mobility, enhancing worker efficiency and reducing the risk of fatigue-related accidents.

Just as importantly, lightweight safety boots promote comfort during long shifts, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. For instance, in industries requiring frequent movement or climbing, lightweight boots facilitate ease of movement, which improves overall workplace safety and performance.

Which brands of safety footwear are the best?

We get asked this a lot and it’s a difficult question to answer, not just because there are so many great brands available, but also because the types of safety footwear you require will depend on your work environments. Still, we’re passionate about recommending the best safety shoes and safety boots to our customers, so here are some of our favourite brands that are currently in stock. 


BASE safety footwear is known for its innovative designs, ergonomic comfort and advanced safety features, including anti-fatigue soles and breathable materials. These shoes provide excellent protection, durability and comfort, making them ideal for demanding industrial environments. BASE is also highly regarded for integrating cutting-edge technology in its footwear.

We recommend: BASE Chester Shoe


Blackrock safety footwear provides tough and protective options for various sectors. Their range features steel toe caps, slip-resistant soles and energy-absorbing heels, ensuring safety in hazardous work environments. With a focus on comfort and affordability, Blackrock offers a range of styles to suit different preferences, making them a reliable choice for workers.

We recommend: Blackrock Lined Safety Rigger Boot


Cofra safety footwear combines advanced protection features, such as composite toe caps and puncture-resistant soles, with ergonomic designs for comfort and durability. Known for their innovative materials and adherence to safety standards, Cofra shoes are ideal for various workplaces, ensuring worker safety and comfort.

We recommend: Cofra Earth Eco Shoe


Flexitog safety footwear provides excellent protection and comfort for extreme working conditions. Designed with strong materials, these shoes feature exceptional thermal insulation that’s ideal for cold environments. Their ergonomic design also ensures all-day comfort, making Flexitog a trusted choice for workers in all kinds of industries.

We recommend: Flexitog Ice Diamond Freezer Boot


Grisport safety footwear offers robust protection and comfort with features like steel toe caps, puncture-resistant soles and waterproof materials. Known for their long-lasting construction and ergonomic design, Grisport shoes are ideal for various industries. They are crafted in Italy with a focus on quality and innovation.

We recommend: Grisport Contractor SA3 Boot


Huskee safety footwear comes with many kinds of protective features, such as steel toe caps, slip-resistant soles and water-resistant materials. Known for their comfort and reliability, Huskee shoes are ideal for tough working environments, ensuring both safety and long-lasting performance for industrial workers.

We recommend: Huskee Wilder Composite Safety Boot


NORISK safety footwear is designed for high performance, offering features like steel or composite toe caps, anti-slip soles and protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD). Known for their comfort and reliability, NORISK shoes are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

We recommend: NORISK Atlantis Safety Shoe


Portwest safety footwear offers fantastic protection with features like steel and composite toe caps, slip-resistant soles and anti-static properties. Designed for comfort and durability, they are ideal for everything from warehouse operatives to road workers, ensuring worker safety and compliance with international safety standards.

We recommend: Steelite Laced Safety Shoe


Rokwear safety footwear is designed to last and remain comfortable throughout its lifecycle. The range includes steel toe caps, slip-resistant soles, waterproof materials and other key safety features. Ideal for various work settings, Rokwear shoes provide dependable protection and support during long shifts.

We recommend: Rokwear Boulder Trainer Boot

Safety Jogger

Safety Jogger footwear offers first-rate protection thanks to features such as steel or composite toe caps, anti-slip soles and puncture resistance. Known for their comfort and ergonomic design, Safety Jogger shoes are suitable for various industrial environments and even come in a smart leather brogue (below).

We recommend: Composite Brogue Safety Shoe


Our own brand of safety footwear offers outstanding protection for workers in various sectors. Engineered with high-quality materials, SafetyCare shoes prioritise safety with features like reinforced toes, slip-resistant soles and electrical hazard protection. Comfort and style are also at the top of the list, ensuring your workers feel confident and secure throughout their shifts.

We recommend: Steelite Clog Safety Shoe


Last but not least, Sterling safety footwear delivers great protection and comfort. Crafted with tough materials, these shoes feature reinforced toe caps, slip-resistant soles and puncture-resistant midsoles. Their ergonomic design ensures all-day comfort, while modern styles cater to diverse tastes, making them a top choice for safety-conscious professionals.

We recommend: Managers Apron Front Safety Shoe

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