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The Importance of First Aid Kits in the Workplace

Health and safety should be a top priority within every business, which is why First Aid kits are so important and should be made easily accessible throughout your workplace.
Depending on the nature of your day-to-day operations and the types of work areas you have, your First Aid kit requirements will differ to those of other businesses. To give you an idea of what you may need, we’ve put together some expert advice on what your First Aid kits should contain.

Which items should be in a workplace First Aid kit?
A basic First Aid kit should include numerous items that enable your workers to control the situation should an accident of emergency arise.
·       Plasters: For covering and protecting small cuts and grazes.
·       Sterile dressings: These can be used to apply pressure to larger wounds and help to prevent further bleeding.
·       Eye pad dressing: Protects injured and sensitive eyes.
·       Bandages: For holding dressings in place, putting pressure on wounds, preventing swelling and supporting fragile joints.
·       Cleansing wipes and alcohol-free wipes: For cleaning the skin around the wound.
·       Adhesive tape: Holds dressings and the loose end of bandages in place, preventing snagging.
·       Safety pins: Can also be used for fastening bandages.
·       Scissors: A handy tool for cutting bandages and adhesive tape. They can also be used to cut away the injured person’s clothing if the wound is otherwise inaccessible.
·       Disposable gloves: For reducing the risk of infection, which is especially important if there’s an open wound.
First Aid kits in low-risk workplaces
If your workplace comes with a low risk of accident and injury, a basic kit such as the Evolution 1 to 10 person HSE First Aid kit should cover all of your needs. However, it’s imperative that your First Aiders can respond to any kind of emergency, which is why investing in additional equipment such as the Evolution Eye Wash Kit is a wise and responsible move.
Thanks to the affordability of First Aid equipment, businesses of all shapes and sizes can purchase multiple kits and place them around their premises, facilitating a fast and efficient response by staff.
First Aid kits in high-risk workplaces
First Aid kits come in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose one to fit the scale of your workforce. For instance, this particular Evolution First Aid kit is suitable for commercial and industrial premises with up to 50 staff. However, it’s a good idea to have more than one First Aid kit if you have multiple departments or buildings, as that way they will never be far away when needed.
If your workplace comes with high risk, there are additional types of emergency equipment that may be required, which could be anything from a safety station and a temperature detection system to a defibrillator, emergency evacuation chair and emergency foil blanket.
How to maintain or replace the contents of a First Aid kit
A First Aid kit is only as useful and effective as its contents, so you need to make sure that you immediately replace depleted items. We stock a wide range of First Aid kit contents that cover all of the items mentioned above, as well as useful additions such as reusable ice packs and eye wash sachets.
Order your First Aid kits today
We’re here to help keep your workplace safe and responsive through a wide variety of First Aid kits and emergency equipment. To find out more or place an order, give our team of safety specialists a call on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie.

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