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Man-Pack Speeds Up the Ordering Process

Further strengthening our dedication to customer satisfaction, we’re delighted to say that our Man-Pack service is proving extremely popular with businesses across a range of sectors. Making the ordering of safetywear, PPE and uniforms super quick and stress-free, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without Man-Pack.

What is Man-Pack?

Man-Pack is designed to significantly streamline the way you provide workwear to your employees and can be applied to all types of work clothing, uniforms, branded workwear and more. Simply order what you need for each employee and we’ll send their items in individual packages. 

How does Man-Pack work?

The Man-Pack workwear ordering process is particularly popular with companies that have large workforces, although it’s also available to smaller businesses that appreciate efficiency. Whether you’re ordering a range of Fristads workwear with some reusable masks or any other combination of safety gear, we package each individual employee’s items together with their name and department on the label.


Why choose Man-Pack?

This clever and highly precise workwear and PPE ordering service means that you no longer have to sort through bundles of items when they arrive at your premises. Each package is clearly labelled with the employee’s name, allowing you to simply pass it on to them without the need to organise and check the items beforehand. No more headaches that come with separating the workwear and allocating it to the right staff, as we do all of the hard work for you.

Aside from removing hours of admin and labour from your schedule, this also eliminates the risk of mistakes being made. When you choose Man-Pack, each employee receives everything they require and you never have to worry about accidentally giving them the wrong type or size of workwear.


Embroidery and branding

We’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear that Man-Pack can be applied to all of our products, including embroidered workwear and branded uniforms. If you want to include bespoke embroidery or screen printing options in your order, Man-Pack makes it easier than ever through easy online customisation. To find out more about branded workwear, please fill in our embroidery quick quote form.

Fully automated service

As if Man-Pack isn’t already a hugely efficient and hassle-free service, our automated ordering system records all of the sizes relating to your individual staff. This means that our system applies the worker’s size automatically when you enter their name or work ID for a reorder. The result is unparalleled ease of use, reliability, accuracy and speed of delivery.


Ready to wear

Your Man-Pack orders can either be delivered to your work premises or we can ship individual packages to employees at their home addresses. Either way, they receive everything they need in a box along with a list of contents, ensuring a truly personalised and error-proof service.


Transparent order tracking

We’ve also optimised order management and tracking, so you know which packages are arriving and when. There really is no greater peace of mind than knowing that SafetyCare’s Man-Pack service is managing and supplying all of your company’s workwear, safety footwear, PPE and embroidered uniforms.


Start using Man-Pack today

To find out more about Man-Pack, please give us a call on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie

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