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Factors to Consider When Choosing Safety Gloves

We appreciate that you have a busy work schedule and need safety products that get the job done right away. That’s why the specialists here at SafetyCare are dedicated to helping customers to find the perfect solutions to suit their exact needs. With this in mind, we’re taking a look at safety gloves and how to choose the right ones for your staff.


What exactly do you need gloves for?

Suitability is the first factor to consider when choosing safety gloves. Depending on what your employees do, they could require anything from latex gloves to cut resistant gloves. Whilst all of our safety gloves are designed to offer reliable hand protection, the nature of the user’s daily tasks really does make all the difference.

For instance, if staff work with oils, acids or dangerous substances, they’ll need chemical gloves. Meanwhile, those who access very cold environments will need a good pair of freezer gloves that can handle extremely low temperatures. Then there are chain mail gloves, which offer exceptional hand protection to people who regularly use sharp knives, such as butchers and other food industry workers.


Check the glove’s features

Safety gloves come with all kinds of features that you need to factor in. By making sure that the gloves you buy tick all the right boxes, they’ll be ideally suited to the user’s needs. Examples of safety glove features are very wide-ranging and can include any of the following:

·       Abrasion resistance

·       High grip

·       Cut level

·       PU coating

·       Heat resistance

·       Colour coordination

·       Fleece lining

·       Elasticated cuffs

·       Tear and puncture resistance

·       Thermal insulation

·       Chemical protection

·       Powder-free composition

·       Disposable or a long-term solution


Choosing the right fit

Whilst effectiveness is crucial, it’s also important that your staff feel comfortable whilst wearing their safety gloves. This means that the glove shouldn’t be too tight or loose and allow total manoeuvrability, enabling the worker to carry out their tasks with ease and precision.

A poor-fitting glove doesn’t just inhibit the wearer’s ability to do their job, it can also cause aches, pains, swelling and reduced mobility. Ensuring that you have multiple sizes of glove available means that each worker can choose a pair that fits them perfectly.


Safety glove training

We have well over 100 safety glove options in stock, ranging from boxes of 100 deli fit gloves for maintaining ultimate levels of food hygiene, to hot grip gloves that offer heat protection up to 250C and anti-vibration gloves for people who work with high-frequency vibrations.

Whichever you choose, make sure to train your staff in the importance of safety gloves. This includes which ones to use according to their working environment and how to properly store them when not in use. This will ensure that employees get the most out of their gloves and also play a leading role in making them last a very long time.

Gloves galore!

We stock gloves manufactured by PortwestPolycoAnsellNitrileFlexiTog TRAFFIGlove and many more trusted brands. To place an order or make an enquiry, please call our team on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie

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