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We Keep Businesses Safe

We supply hi-vis workwear to a wide range of businesses, from construction companies and housebuilders, to factories, warehouses and waste control departments. There are multiple advantages that come with highly visible workwear, which are wide-ranging and of great benefit to both your company and your staff.

Maintain a culture of safety

When you make it clear to staff which safety procedures they have to follow, you encourage greater employee engagement and increase levels of personal responsibility. Explaining when, where and why to dress in hi-vis clothing helps them to feel safer when carrying out their roles, which in turn breeds trust in the company, increases productivity and improves staff morale.

Be seen at all times

Whether it’s a large building site or a small home extension, a team working on a road or an individual worker moving around an airport, hi-vis vests and trousers ensure that they can always be seen clearly, especially when it’s dark.

Aside from vehicle drivers being able to spot your staff, hi-vis workwear also makes it easier for workers to find each other when general visibility is hampered by the weather or time of day. By supplying all relevant staff with hi-vis clothing from leading brands such as Fristads, Portwest and LEO Workwear, you give them everything they need to stand out from both their surroundings and the general public.


Perfect all year round

It’s crucial to health and wellbeing that you enable staff to remain comfortable whilst at work, which is why we stock a range of hi-vis clothing designed for all kinds of weather. A hi-vis short sleeve polo shirt is ideal for sunny days, whereas a hi-vis reversible bodywarmer can be used when the temperature begins to drop.

If you want the best of both worlds, a hi-vis 3 in 1 contrast bomber jacket gives the wearer the ability to remove layers as required. We even stock hi-vis knitted hats that can be worn by themselves or underneath safety helmets.


Protect workers from the elements

Working outdoors can pose a serious risk to personal health if the weather becomes wet and windy. That’s where hi-vis raincoats and rainsuits come in, as they’re specifically designed to keep the wearer dry whilst offering ultimate visibility.

If your staff are likely to work in environments that have intense heat, sparks and flames, make sure to also take a look at our variety of flame retardant hi-vis clothing.


Promote teamwork and security

Wearing any kind of uniform gives workers a sense of belonging and camaraderie, which can further promote employee morale. Simultaneously, hi-vis clothing makes it very clear whether or not someone is authorised to be in a certain area of your worksite, which greatly benefits workplace security.

Additionally, some form of hi-vis clothing should be given to clients and other visitors who are being shown around working environments that follow strict health and safety protocols. This removes any doubt that they’ve been granted permission to be there and puts team members’ minds at ease.


We keep businesses safe

To order your h-vis workwear, call us on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie and we’ll help you to keep your staff safe and seen. 

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