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The Importance of Head Protection

Head protection and the law

The UK’s Health and Safety Executive and Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority state that hard hats are a crucial piece of safety equipment which must be issued to all construction workers. However, building sites aren’t the only place where head protection comes into play, as it’s often required in busy environments that range from factories to workshops and any job that requires working at height.
It’s the employers’ responsibility to not only ensure all relevant staff are provided with head protection, but also that its design and quality are sufficient in protecting workers from accidents and falling objects.

The EVO VISTAshield safety helmet

A particularly popular hard hat that we stock is the EVO VISTAshield safety helmet, which comes with a built-in faceshield. Making full use of the brand’s Evolution® head protection technology, this highly effective piece of head protection is equipped with anti-mist and scratch-resistant features, plus it has an ‘A’ impact rating, giving it protection against the equivalent of a 6mm and 0.86g ball travelling at 425mph (685kph).


ProGARM arc flash helmets

The two types of ProGARM arc flash helmet are another popular choice with our customers, particularly for workers who need to be protected against the thermal hazard of an electric arc. Available with or without a faceshield, this robust helmet has been manufactured using modified high-impact polyamide, making it a reliable form of head protection that will keep your employees safe during their duties.
If you have staff who work in environments that involve short circuit arc welding and/or the likelihood of molten metal splashes, make sure to opt for the version with a faceshield.


Portwest head protection

Last but by no means least, Portwest offers three types of head protection: an endurance helmet, a helmet with visor, and the translucent Peak View design. All three are affordable head protection solutions that are manufactured by PPE and safety equipment experts, ensuring that your workers can work with confidence whilst remaining safe.


Hard hat expiry dates

You may not realise that all hard hats come with a stamp on the inside. This marker will have a number in the middle, which signifies the year the hard hat was manufactured, and an arrow pointing to the month. This allows you to check when the hard had was made and decide whether it’s time to replace it with a new one.


Ask us about head protection

We have many other cost-effective head protection products available, including hard hats from 3M, JSP Evo and a range of other trusted PPE manufacturers. Whatever kind of helmets, hard hats and visors you require, simply give our team of safety specialists a call on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie and we’ll help you to keep your workers safe and compliant at all times.

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