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The Mediana Defibrillator A10  - Be ready every time, everywhere, with a Mediana Defibrillator. 

The reasons why having a Defibrillator on site are a must: 

  • For every one minute delay, a victim's chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest drops by 7-10%.
  • Almost 95% of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching hospital.
  • CPR effectively administered immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double the chance of survival for a victim.
  • Seven out of ten cardiac arrests occur outside of hospital. Currently in the UK, only 2-3% of these people survive. 
  • The Department of Health has a target of placing 3,000 new defibrillators in public places throughout England.
  • Explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is alive today largely thanks to a defibrillator located at Bristol airport.
  • Early defibrillation can triple a victims chance of survival

The features on this Mediana Defibrillator A10:

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Real time guidance 
  • Support LED Icons
  • Easy to use with or without training
  • Voice Prompt
  • Self-Test. Status Indicator
  • Adult and Paediatric Pads
  • Suitable for schools, teams and clubs

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Mediana Defibrillator A10

  • Product Code: N553
  • €1,250.00

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