Safety gloves are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), as they’re designed to protect hands from injuries and hazards in various industries. Here at SafetyCare we stock a wide range of safety gloves, ensuring that you can easily find a type to suit your specific requirements.

Why are safety gloves important?

There are many reasons why your employees should be equipped with high-quality and reliable safety gloves, such as:

Prevent injuries: Safety gloves are designed to protect hands from cuts, abrasions, burns, chemical exposure and other hazards. They act as a barrier between the hands and dangerous substances or equipment, reducing the risk of accident and injury.

Compliance: In many industries, the use of safety gloves is required by law or workplace safety regulations. Compliance with these regulations can help to avoid fines and other penalties.

Increased productivity: Wearing safety gloves can also increase productivity by reducing the risk of hand injuries that could lead to time off work or reduced efficiency. As a result, safety gloves can help workers to feel more confident, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Protection against infections: In healthcare settings, safety gloves are used to protect staff and patients from infections. They keep the hands safe from coming into contact with bodily fluids, reducing the risk of infectious diseases being transmitted.

Improved grip: Some safety gloves are designed with a special grip pattern or texture that can improve dexterity and reduce the risk of dropping tools or equipment. This can be particularly important in industries such as construction and manufacturing.

Know your PPE regulations

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 2022 state: Gloves or other hand protection should be capable of giving protection from hazards, be comfortable and fit the wearer. The choice should be made on the basis of suitability for protection, compatibility with the work and requirements for the user.

In order for your business to remain compliant, here are some factors to consider when choosing safety gloves for your teams:

Assess the job and work environment: It’s important that you first identify the various types of work that the employee needs to carry out and the environment in which it will take place. This will help you to decide on the type of material, size and flexibility required for their safety gloves.

Review the available products and varieties: Once you know what you need, do your research – there will be many different suppliers offering safety gloves and claiming to be experts in hand protection, so you need to make sure that the gloves meet the EN standards, are CE marked, and clearly categorised. Not sure what you need? We can help!

Get the right fit: Hands come in all different sizes, so safety gloves do too. By providing your employees with the right fit, they can work comfortably and you remove the risks of the gloves either becoming loose or being too tight for the wearer’s circulation.

Training: Knowing how to get the most from safety clothing will ensure that each of your employees remains safe, capable and confident. Suitable training applies to safety gloves as much as it does to other forms of PPE.

Aftercare: When workers look after their PPE, you gain the peace of mind that it will perform well for as long as possible and deliver a strong return on investment through extended longevity.

Order your safety gloves today

Looking for a helping hand when it comes to choosing safety gloves? To find out more about our wide range of PPE or to place an order, give our team of safety specialists a call on 01 8499 100 or email

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