We had a particularly cold December and the worst of the winter weather may be over, but it’s important to remember that January and especially February can be very chilly months. Low temperatures, windy weather and frosty roads pose significant risks to people working outdoors, so here are some tips for staying safe this winter.

Keep warm when working outdoors

The first place to start is by making sure your employees have the right kind of clothing for working outside when it’s cold and wet. Here are a few items of clothing that will help them to brave the elements and get their tasks done without risking their health and wellbeing:

We also recommend taking a look at our very own Huskee range, which includes tradesman trousers, combat trousers, sweatshirts, polo shirts and softshell jackets, as well as some spectacular composite safety shoes and boots.

Check the weather reports

Watch or listen to weather reports for your local area on a regularly basis, as this way you will know what to expect and where to avoid if the weather turns bad. If the forecast shows severe conditions, do not venture out unless absolutely essential.

Always carry a first aid kit

Your workers should always have a fully stocked first aid kit in their vehicles, especially during the winter months when accidents are more likely to occur. Take a look at our wide range of first aid kits and give your employees everything they need to stay safe whilst out on the road.

Check the vehicle’s battery and tyres

Cold temperatures reduce the output of vehicle batteries and dark days call for greater use of headlights, so it’s crucial that your drivers check their batteries regularly. The same goes for the tyres, as frost and grit can take their toll on both the tyre pressure and tread depth. It only takes a few minutes to check that the tyres are in good condition, which can save your employees from experiencing dangerous driving conditions. 

Don’t forget the antifreeze

Antifreeze has so many roles. First of all, it prevents the water in an engine’s cooling system from freezing during winter by lowering the freezing point of the liquid, making it much harder for ice to form within the engine and keeping the vehicle running smoothly. On top of that, antifreeze increases the boiling point of engine coolant to stop it from overheating, prevents corrosion within the engine, and aids heat transfer for higher performance. That’s why you always need a can of it within arm’s reach.

Keep the lights clean

Gloomy conditions cause poor visibility, which is very dangerous when driving. A quick wipe of a vehicle’s lights, indicators and rear reflectors maximises their impact when it comes to visibility and communication, so grab a cloth and keep those headlights spotless!

Order your winter clothing today

We have all kinds of winter clothing, thermal workwear and other essential items available for immediate delivery. To find out more or place an order, give our team of safety specialists a call on 01 8499 100 or email sales@safetycare.ie.

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