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  • 2.4m Mini Rolex Fall Arrest Block With Scaf. Hook
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The G-Force Mini Rolex Fall arrest block is self-retractable and designed to reduce impact force to less than 6kN.

Scaffold hook AZ022 top attachment with 50mm opening and lower swivel self-locking hook with trigger opening AZ002AS.

Product Features 

Please note the following:

  • This Fall Arrest Block is for Vertical & Horizontal use
  • When used for horizontal use it must be used with G-Force GFAZ800 Lanyard.
  • When used vertically there must be a ground clearance distance of 1.5m or more between the working and ground level.
  • The cable deviation angle from vertical use must not exceed 40°
  • This Fall Arrest Block is for single person use
  • The structural anchor point must be attached by the top attachment of the Fall Arrest by a connector or sling complying to EN 362 or EN 795 standard. 
  • It is recommended to use a certified and marked structural anchor point conforming to EN 795
  • The structural anchor point must have a minimum static resistance of 12kN. 
  • To be used with harnesses conforming to EN standard EN 361
  • The snap hook must be attached to the frontal or dorsal harness attachment.
  • Should this product arrest a fall it is to be immediately withdrawn from use and must be disposed of.
  • This product can have a maximum lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture, the date of manufacture can be found on the ID label which is sewn onto this product. This lifespan is irrespective of the shelf/working life and is subject to correct usage, storage and thorough examination by a competent person.
  • This product has an inspection period of 12 months.

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2.4m Mini Rolex Fall Arrest Block With Scaf. Hook

  • Brand: G-Force
  • Product Code: H207
  • €101.65
  • €91.00

  • Inc Tax: €111.93

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